Deodorants & Breast Cancer

I just read a great article about deodorants and breast cancer.  How little do we realize that a normal part of our daily hygiene routine could be so harmful to our long term health.  Research reviewed in a Journal of Applied Toxicology editorial, showed high concentrations of potentially carcinogenic parabens were found in the upper quadrants of the breast, as well as in the axillary area where deodorants are applied.  Follow this link.


Mammography leads to misdiagnosis & unncessary mastectomies

Dr. Mercola discusses how upon receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, most women are afraid and even frantic to do whatever it takes to fight and remove the cancer. In the conventional medical arena, typically this means full or partial mastectomy, drugs and radiation. Imagine going through a surgery, having one or both of your breasts removed along with receiving debilitating radiation treatments and toxic drugs, only to be told that you never had cancer. The diagnosis was a mistake. In this New York Times article you can read the stories of several women who had this very scenario happen to them … and they are far from alone.